Upon participation of lamp-making workshop

Always Thank you very much for your use of the ZAKURO lampya.

There is a thing I would like you to observe some when they are participating in the lamp-making workshop so we will again inform.

・If you can basically participate it is allowed to the adults.(You can also participate in children over the age of 10 if with an adult.)

・Children under 10 years of age can not participate even accompanied by an adult.(Please keep in mind that it can not be your admission as traveling with like.)

・I am sure we will make a one person one lamp.Two in one person, one with two people, you will not be able to create a lamp, such as one in three people.

・Production takes too much time to, also seen cases where you wait for customers then are reserved.Because there is any such lamps often can use a lot of time in thinking or make, so that it does not take long for the system to enter into too much production, you visit us with what image to create what kind of lamp in advance, I think good you are able to to put to immediately manufacture.

Or more, I would like to humbly thank you.