Or lamp-making experience workshop is possible to manufacture a single lamp with two people Toka three people?

There is no excuse, but you can not. You will be asked to produce the one person one lamp. Your admission of traveling with like is I am allowed to refuse.

Lamp making experience workshop Is it possible to participate in the children?

Age of the lamp making is I am allowed to 11 years of age or older.In addition, your visit of take you a child under the age of 11 to handle the glass is I am allowed to refuse.Children stroller is also the same.

Please inform me about a receipt of behind the workshop and a completed lamp.

A store receipt of a completed lamp is to 11:00-19:00.You’re calling by the previous day and a contact on a taking back day to a store is needed.Please have a reception vote and come to the store.

I want Is it possible I purchased a Turkish mosaic lamp of the finished product directly coming to the store?

In addition to the classroom experience of lamp manufacturing in our shop, we sell a wide variety of mosaic lamps in the shop.Please drop us.

Is it possible to buy only lamp parts of?

I’m sorry. I don’t have sale only of a part of a lamp.

I want to buy a lamp for a gift, could you wrapping is?

I’m sorry. I don’t have gift wrapping.

Delivery service Do you have you been?

I have it. Please even order a staff any time.