Frequently asked questions

can we make just 1 lamp by 2 people?

We’re sorry. Each member of your group has to make a lamp as prices of lamps include cover charge.

Is it possible to bring our children?

For protecting children to be hurt by glass piece, those only over 11 years old are admitted to our shop.

Can I take away the lamp I made today?

Sorry, We require about 2 weeks for fixing and coarting.You can choose shipping(only in Japan) or receiving at our shop after compleation.“special for tourist” If you show us your air tickets to prove you’re tourist, we preferentially complete your lamp in 3 working days!

Please inform me about a receipt of behind the workshop and a completed lamp.

A store receipt of a completed lamp is to 11:00-19:00.You’re calling by the previous day and a contact on a taking back day to a store is needed.Please have a reception vote and come to the store.

Could you send your lamps overseas?

We’re sorry. We only arrenge delivery to Japanese adress.

How do I receive my lamp at the shop?

Please send us massage including the information(made day, name of representative, Qty, the day you pick it up)after receiving compleation notice by e-mail from us. We need to search and prepare to be ready.

Are those lamps for sell, too?

Yes. All lamps displayed are on sale.

I want to buy a lamp for a gift, could you wrapping is?

I’m sorry. I don’t have gift wrapping.

Delivery service Do you have you been?

I have it. Please even order a staff any time.