Newcome information list

2017年5月6日 Holiday in a store in June.

Monday, June 5, Monday, June 12 and Monday, June 19 will be absent from business of the ZAKURO LAMPYA.
I’ll cause you trouble, but please take care.

2017年3月20日 About the workshop menu.

The item were out of stock for a lily of the valley lamp and a Kururin lamp. I’m sorry, but please choose other goods.

workshop menu

2017年1月14日 About workshop reservation from the reservation form.

After we’ll always handle a reservation for a workshop built with lamp in many ways from the reservation form.

Thank you very much.

There is news about completion of reservation.

When you send mailing from the reservation form, an answer mail is sent from a system automatically.

It’ll be reservation completion by a customer’s receiving this auto-reply mail.

When not receiving a auto-reply mail, reservation isn’t sometimes complete by some circumstances.

Such case would like to ask you to make the telephone call of reservation confirmation to a store as soon as possible.

2016年12月13日 News of New Year’s business

Also thank you very much for much customer’s coming this year.

It’s open news at New Year’s.

Year-end business (the last day) Until 12/29 Thursday.
The beginning of the year business From 1/5 Thursday.

It’s so. Thank you.

※ The customer who made a delivery within the year and the customer who can take back by 12/14 Wednesday and even, I’ll do.
Please put on agreement beforehand.

2016年11月15日 Business trip making experience classroom

We are doing a business trip making experience class for companies and organizations.
Why do not you make a Turkish mosaic lamp for making memories for events and welfare benefits?
If you are interested, please feel free to inquiry .