Newcome information list

2017年11月16日 About a good sleep in December.

A ZAKURO RAN PU Ya will rest on Friday, December 15.

2017年10月29日 To the customer from whom a recipient doesn’t have a made work.

It’s the work you made before October 31, 2016 and isn’t able to contact, and when you couldn’t inform of the work a recipient can’t have by December 29, 2017, I dispose. I make it the last notice.

2017年10月29日 About a holiday at New Year’s.

It’ll close down from Saturday, December 30 to Friday, January 5 at New Year’s.

2017年10月21日 News with typhoon approach

Cancellation by influence of a typhoon receives the day’s notification exceptionally.The person who can’t come to the store call, please.

2017年10月18日 About a good sleep in November.

November 13 and the 29th are a regular day off.