Newcome information list

2017年10月21日 News with typhoon approach

Cancellation by influence of a typhoon receives the day’s notification exceptionally.The person who can’t come to the store call, please.

2017年10月18日 About a good sleep in November.

November 13 and the 29th are a regular day off.

2017年10月13日 About an obstacle of a telephone.

A telephone has been interruption today by communication failure until 13:30 from around 11 o’clock. I caused you trouble very much. It was restored just now. Thank you.

2017年9月27日 About a holiday in October.

Monday, October 16 and Monday, October 30 are a holiday.

2017年8月30日 News in a special holiday in September

Tuesday, September 19 and Wednesday, September 27 are a special holiday.
I’ll cause you trouble, but please take care.